Luxury block printed gift wrap and stationery collection

handmade gift wrap

Premium Block Printed Gift Wrap


Our new range of premium gift wrap is hand block printed on ivory cotton paper using two to three colours. A separate wooden block is used for each colour application. The colours are stamped one at a time and a high level of skill and precision is required to produce every sheet. 

The result is a truly stunning sheet of paper which is guaranteed to "wow"!


Luxury Notebooks


Introducing our new range of notebooks. 

Each notebook cover is hand block printed on 125gsm ivory cotton paper and is lined with a colour co-ordinated 125gsm coloured cotton paper giving it a total thickness of a robust 250gsm card. There are 24 leaves (48 sides) in each notebook and these are made out of a beautifully textured jute fibre-infused 125gsm cotton paper. 

The books are hand stitched for an elegant finish.

luxury notecards

Box Set of 6 Luxury Notecards



Our box set of luxury notecards/envelopes is a stationery lover's dream.

Each notecard is A6 size and is hand block printed on our beautifully textured 200gsm jute fibre-infused cotton card. Each card also has a folded insert of 125gsm jute paper for added luxury.

Each peel and seal envelope is made out of premium 200gsm jute paper and is hand block printed in the matching design on the reverse for understated appeal.

Each set features two cards in three designs (total 6 cards).

The notecards and envelopes are finished with a block printed belly band and neatly presented in a matching box with a hand block printed lid.

All the notecards, envelopes and boxes are handmade.

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Handcrafted envelopes and notecards